Magali Roche

R&D Manager - Viroscan 3D

Magali is CSO at ViroScan3D since 2015. ViroScan3D si a start-up which proposes services of R&D in genomic and nanogenomic for infectious diseases. As CSO, Magali is in charge of the scientific R&D strategy of ViroScan3D. Magali is also responsible of the services and is in constant interaction with the customers to understand their needs, bring up the best strategy to answers the project and follow-up for the valorization of the delivered results. Before that Magali was R&D Manager during 2 years at ViroScan3D.
Magali comes from the Cancer Research Center of Lyon where she obtained her PhD in molecular genomics of cancer, working on multi-omics analysis of human pituitary tumors. Her work allowed to identify new molecular pathways explaining the aggressive proliferation of some pituitary tumors.